About Me

My name is Emad Mokhtar which mean in Arabic pillar or support. I’m an Egyptian Software developer/programmer & a computer geek. I work as a Software Developer and I love my job, I’ve a co-founded EgyGeeks developers/programmers online community, and I’m trying to help developers community by any mean. I love anything related to IT, programming, .NET technology, gadgets, reading, blogging and cooking.

I’m working at Arabesque as Solution Specialist and please check my resume it has all my professional career history.

I’m interested in Computers since High School so I chose to study Computer Science in Modern Academy in Maadi in Egypt and this interest got bigger & became a passion about computer technologies specially programming.

I love developer communities, I was an active member in Dotnetwork user group in Egypt& I’ve had the chance to help them and to get involved in organizing Dotnetwork Cairo Code Camp 10 & Visual Studio 2010 community lunch.

I also like social networking and how you can make friend & buddies there. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,YouTube & LinkedIn so please if you want to contact me please feel free to follow me there or write me a message on contact me form.

My dream is to have a wonderful family with a lovely supportive wife (which is became true, now I’m married to Lamees) & sweet kids, build our home together, share our dreams & live our life good & bad times together, and have a software company that every developer love to join, involved in making our community better, and raising the bar of our professional software craftsmanship.

  • Anil

    cany you help how to notify the anual maintanace in asp.net using gridview